Important dates

  • January 17: abstract submission opens
  • February 28: abstract submission closes
  • March 17: registration opens
  • May 10: registration closes
  • June 16: meeting opens
  • June 18: meeting closes


There will be only talks, no poster sessions will be organised.

Talks will last 10 minutes + 5 minutes of questions. We strongly encourage you to meet this schedule to avoid delays. A chairman will control the talk time rigorously during each session.

Talks are grouped in sessions.

You will be able to upload the files (slides, video, sound, ...) on a server to avoid the use of USB pendrives. Specific information on access will be provided later.

Please be sure that your supporting files follow the specifications of the technical equipment at the conference rooms: OS Windows 7, OS X Lion Apple, Pack Office 2007 and 2011, Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Audio/Video output, internet connection.

You will have access to a wifi connection.

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